PAWS for a Difference


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PAWS for a Difference

Paws for A Difference, a program offered by PAW Mission, will partner with California’s Youth Camps and select up to 24 youth and 12 at-risk shelter dogs for each program cycle. Over the course of 12 weeks, youth will complete very challenging blocks of course work which involve weekly homework assignments and goals.

Program Goals:

The goal of our program is to assist with the rehabilitation of both youth and canines. PAWS for a Difference will help work with the youth on learning about and using emotional intelligence to help understand energy and emotions to better connect with their assigned dog and people.

While the youth are training their dogs, and learning how to use emotional intelligence, they will also be working with a partner to build trust and work as a team to develop empathy and build on appropriate conflict resolution.

The Curriculum:

Program curriculum is designed to ready the youth and dogs for the Canine Good Citizen Certification. This test is not easy. To date, 99% of the world’s dogs could not complete without rigorous and consistent training.

The curriculum uses an excellent guide to understanding energy and emotion, both human and canine. It allows the youth to understand how to process energy and emotions. The curriculum provides valuable vocational training but also allows and promotes spiritual improvement.

Youth Selection:

Youth selection is based on conduct while in camp and demonstrated interest in the program. Youth must have zero, or very few points accrued, and are required to fill out a survey and write an essay outlining why they want to participate in the program. We do not discriminate against violent offenders but do exclude sex offenders and any with a history of animal abuse. This program is set up to establish compassion, develop skills, combat recidivism, and prepare the youth for healthy and productive lives after incarceration.

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