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PAW Mission’s Humane Education is dedicated to fostering a solid base of animal care knowledge and ethics in the younger generation. Research has shown that teaching young children from an early age to understand empathy, compassion, and by providing an outlet for students to practice those skills, significantly reduce the risk of having a “bully” mentality. Therefore our approach instills so much more than proper pet care in our young attendees.


Our program has five different core topics that our team feels are important for youth of all ages to learn. The PAW Mission also has the ability to tailor our topics depending on the age group, from TK-12th grade. The best part is that our Humane Education program is FREE to the school and after-school programs.

Compassion, empathy, tolerance, kindness, and respect are all character traits that we want to instill in our children, and we have a way of going through these “character assemblies” with a fun and interactive approach with Canine Good Citizens and their owners. We teach children the importance of not just having those characteristics, but also speaking up and becoming advocates for the less fortunate.

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